Brazilian DEEP WAVE Hair Bundles 3pcs

Galaxi Girl Hair


***You will need 3 Bundles for almost EVERY type of Install. If you get 14-20 inches, you can get away with only 2. (Remember the shorter the hair, the longer the WEFT.)

***You MUST totally Wet Down Hair, add Curly Hair Products, and Fully Comb Out to get the desired, manageable look.

***Product Details:
Item: Brazilian Deep Wave 3pcs
Length: 14"-30"
Hair Origin: Brazil
Able to Bleach: Yes
Able to get Straight: Yes
Material: Human Hair
Weight: 3.0oz - 3.5oz
Color: 1B Dark Brown
Texture: Deep Wave
Item Type: Hair Weft Extension
Weft Structure: Double Wefted
Made Method: Machine Wefted
Brand Name: Galaxi Girl Hair